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Serving Dallas and Amarillo Area Dental Hygienist

2023-2024 Officers

President- Ariel Laporte

Immediate Past President- Kassandra Bowie

Membership VP- Rebecca Levy

Programs VP - Breezy Bonney

Secretary - Meagan Bradley

Treasurer - Chelsea Moorman

TDHA Trustee - Kassandra Bowie


Delegates: Breezy Bonney, Cindy Harmon, Alison Lee, Ariel Laporte, Meaghan Bradley, Shimirimana Eliya, Amy Frederickson, Chelsi Graham, Rebecca Levy, Samirah Peterson, Jessica Hipnar, Krystal King. Alternates: Destinni Zimmerman, Debra DiAlberto, Catherine Schirmer.

Zoom Link



1. Be present in the Zoom meeting NO LATER than 15 minutes after the meeting has begun.


2. Must show 85% participation on Zoom. Web surfing does NOT count as participation and Zoom will count that as distracted time. 


3.Fill out the survey at given at the end of the course. This link will ONLY be given in the last few minutes of the CE Course.


4. Please allow 2 weeks for CE certificates to be emailed. Do NOT email about your CE Certificate until 2 weeks has passed as it will not be responded to.

CE Credit will only be given to those who registered on the Dallas DHA website,

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